When The Cannons struck the worlds were changed, many Astral Kingdoms were destroyed, Elemental Realms blasted apart, worlds destroyed and horrible creatures were created. Three worlds were vastly affected: The Shadowfell, The Feywild and the Mortal World. The Cannons blasted straight through each of them forming massive craters, this day is remembered as Craters Day. From these craters the magical blood of the worlds flowed forth creating the three main types of magic: Arcane, Primal and Shadow. Destroyed Astral Kingdoms and Elemental Realms bled Divine and Elemental magic. No one knows where The Cannons came from, where they went, or what they were.

A few hundred years passed until The Mortal World’s crater was starting to make The Mortal Realm fall apart at weak points. Magnus Gordanz traveled across The Mortal World building cities in these nine weak points, now they are The Nine Cities: Perciprice, Vydaria, Spire City, Gordanz City (DM’s Note: The rest haven’t been name/created by me yet but thereare nine).

Millions of years later Perciprice became a Steampunk inhabited city and became cut off from the world, rumours exist that a powerful alliance between Perciprice, North Russicoia and Kraid has been created. The Guys who do Stuff have been summoned by King Brandis of The Kingdom of Valor to investigate, this is their story…

Precipice of Existance