Precipice of Existance

TGWDS Episode 1: A Quest

The Journey Begins

In todays episode The Guys Who Do Stuff were summoned to King Brandis’s court after eariler saving him from a pack of goblins. Once they arrived Brandis offered TGWDS a quest to accompany and old friend of his to the dictatored city of Perciprice to check on account of rumours being passed around of a Perciprice, Kraid and North Russicoia alliance. TGWDS refused the offer and due to Balfaazar’s “way of words” TGWDS offened Brandis’s guard Sir Regdar a Mercy Killer resulting in a battle of honour. After the battle TGWDS re-thought their decision and accepted the mission.

In the Kings war room the party met the Kings head scholar a Tiefling named Iados Danzer’Ran the party was told the plan. The plan was to walk to the city Falcrest where apon they would meet up with Rueltis the Kings old friend. From there they would journey with him to Ahriman’s Bay where they meet up with Cyanne Redwing the Half Elf airship captain of The Abney Park. They would then fly to Perciprice to inspect the city.

Whilst the plan was being discussed Balfaazar stole from the King his crown and a magic map. The party left for Falcrest, along the way they came across a caravan being attacked by goblins. After defeating the goblins the party found the owner alive, an eladrin salesman called Caswell. Caswell praised the heroes for their heroic actions and begged for The Party to lend him some money to restock that he would pay back. The party decided to give Caswell 100 gold pieces and sold him the Kings crown. Caswell delighted offered to let the party ride on his caravan for free to Falcrest.

Arriving in Falcrest the party spent hours shopping for new equipment eventually finding themselves witnessing



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