The craters are massive holes in the worlds created by The Cannons. Magic comes from the blood of that flows from these craters. From the craters horrible monsters came forth, so Magnus Gordanz and his adventuring group The Blue Bliss fought The Nine Crater Lords and build grand cities

List of craters on The Mortal World:

-The Grand Crater is the main crater of The Mortal World, was covered by Gordanz City

-Edge Crater is the only crater not covered by one of The Nine Cities. Magnus Gordanz left this crater so that Arcane magic could still flow from The Moral World as for at the time it was the smallest crater, but over time it has become the second largest (The Grand Crater being the largest)

-Fall’s Crater is the crater covered by Vydaria in Raqlitz named so because Gordanz’s best friend and fellow adventurer Rivaticahn Fall died here.

-Kraken Crater is the crater that Spire City now covers so named because the Crater Lord who ruled it resembled a giant squid like demon.

-Nevermore Crater is the most famous crater that is now covered by the Steampunk city Perciprice. Famous for being the finale city created the story goes that after Gordanz defeated the strongest and powerfulest Crater Lord Zia here Gordanz saw the end of the world and committed suicide.



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