The Guys who do Stuff

The Guys who do Stuff are an adventuring group created in Falcrest.


- Hammer Thyme a Minotaur Warlord and leader of The Guys who do Stuff.

- Acktion Jacktion a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut.

- Balfaazar a Halfling Rogue.

- Lance Truman a Deva Wizard appointed to the group by King Brandis.

Companion NPCs

- Rueltis Rivenen a Zoran Scholar who excaped the masscre of

- Cyanne Greenwing a Half Elf who is the captain of The Abney Park.


- King Brandis of the Kingdom of Valor.

- Mayor Blood of Stomping Lands capital Mace Tail.


- Rico a Shadra Kai Assassin and Rell’s partner.

- Rell a Shadar Kai Assassin and Rico’s partner.

- Niegh a Half Gnoll who kidnapped Cyanne, is currently in Englund jail.

- Kay Adaman the Steampunk general in charge of all of Perciprice’s soldiers.

- The Copper Fist the name of the alliance between Perciprice, North Russicoia and Kraid

The Guys who do Stuff

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